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Chaff Cutter Machine

Chaff Cutter Machine

Submitted by • December 14, 2018

Function :
This is one combined machine of chaff cutter and grain crusher ,which can not only cut hay ,but also can crush grains . It is widely used on sheep ,cow and chicken farm .

Main Structure :
1.Chaff cutter and grain crusher has safe device to avoid the accident and the whole machine is safe and reliable.
2.Chaff cutter and grain crusher blade is made of high-quality steel with high-strength bolts and refined by a special process, ,which is safe, reliable and hard-wearing
3.Rotation axis adopts the universal spindle coupling that is compact in structure, flexible in operation and easy to disassemble and install.
Matched Power :
This chaff cutter and grain crusher has various power options, motors, gasoline,diesel engines, and tractors can be matched, especially in regions where electricity is lacking.
Model TZY-C
Power 3kw motor ,gasoline engine or diesel engine
Capacity grain 800kg/h
silage 1500kg/h
dry straw

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