90 cm x 150 cm (3 ft x 5 ft) Small Size Rugs

We advise choosing a rug that merely frames your coffee table and doesn't sit beneath any of the legs of the furniture for smaller spaces or those on a tighter budget. Picture spaces with a tiny loveseat, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table. A 90 x 150 cm (3 x 5 ft) rug will do the task wonderfully!
Finally, just because the space outside is small, doesn't mean you shouldn't put out a rug! A modest rug can bring elegance and personality to small areas without taking up important floor space.
Try 90 by 150 cm (3 x 5 ft) rugs in areas that are too tiny for anything other than a loveseat with a small table or pouffe. No room is too tiny for a rug.
Our small outdoor rugs are available in several amazing designs and styles including Modern, Geometric, Striped, Transitional & Solid/Tonal.