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Abdullah – Neville Goddard’s Teacher

Abdullah – Neville Goddard’s Teacher

Submitted by • August 2, 2020

Every great guru or a spiritual leader has their own guides that have helped them become who they are. For Neville Goddard (1905-1972) it was Abdullah, a brilliant Jewish rabbi from Ethiopia. Neville was under the guidance and learnt under Abdullah for five years, which is why much of the credit to Neville’s spiritual journey is given to Abdullah.

Abdullah himself was a man of compassion and took great pride in his cultural heritage; his strength and his straightforwardness in communication were major attributes of his personality. Possibly, picked up by Neville himself in the way of wording or expressing. Their charismatic method of teaching or imparting valuable knowledge is similar. Also, Abdullah had a profound influence on Neville’s spiritual growth as he was mentioned multiple times in many of Neville’s lectures.

Abdullah was an old-soul, a great philosopher with gifted spiritual abilities who imparted teachings on esoteric Christianity. People from all segments of the society

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