A person's neck holds their head high in society. The neck supports the weight of the head throughout the person's life. One can easily imagine how stressed neck is.

The neck supports various ligaments and muscles as well as bones. The neck supports the head and participates in various movements such as flexion, extension, and lateral. It acts as a conduit for the head to other parts of your body, AnCure Clinic such trunk and extremities.

Numerous vascular or neural structures travel from the great vessels to different parts of the body. Shelter is provided to the airway structures such as the larynx, trachea and trachea. Attachments are found in the neck of the food pipe (oesophagus), as well as the cricopharynx. Through the bony tunnel made by cervical vertebrae and foramen magnum, the spinal cord runs from the foramen to the thoracic area. After being derived from various cervical segments, the bronchial-plexus then passes to the upper part. AnCure Clinic The neural structures are protected by ligaments, muscles, and other muscle injuries.