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APPL Industries Ltd | Infrastructure

APPL Industries Ltd | Infrastructure

Submitted by • January 2, 2019

Given our critical role in the automotive industry, the fact that we are located in and around the country’s auto hubs including Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Gujarat and Uttaranchal is a definite plus. It is easier for our clients to know us and reach out to us anytime. Similarly, we too are in a better position to respond to their needs and serve them to the best of our ability. This is a win-win proposition which allows APPL to deliver immense benefits to clients in terms of closer handholding and delivery and speedy client servicing and crisis management among others. Our location has worked wonders for our reputation and continues to do so.

Ask any automotive giant, and they’ll recommend having a full-fledged research and technology centre. By the same token, we are immensely proud to have our very own RTC aka Auto Dynamics Technologies as part of the group. Endorsed by NABL, a government-recognised accreditation, RTC/Auto Dynamics Technologies is tasked with testing and an

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