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Let us understand what website designer is and what factors o keep in mind while designing a website?

Web design is the creation of websites that can be accessed via the internet. Web design is often used to refer to user experience rather than software development. Web design was once primarily focused on websites that could be used in desktop browsers. However, it has become increasingly important to design websites for mobile and tablet browsers since the mid-2010s.
Web designers work on website appearance, layout, or content. For example, build refers to the use of colors, fonts, and images. The structure is the way information is organized and categorized. Good web design should be easy to use, visually pleasing, and suit the brand and user group of the website. Simple and straightforward websites are often designed to avoid confusing or distracting users. A website trusted by the target audience is the core of web design. Therefore, it is essential to remove as many frustration points as possible.

Two of the most popular methods to design websites that work on desktop and mobile devices are responsive and adaptable. Responsive design allows content to move dynamically based on screen size. The adaptive design places the website content fixed at layout sizes that correspond with standard screen sizes. It is essential to maintain user trust and engagement by ensuring that the layout is consistent across devices. Responsive design can be a challenge in this respect. Designers must be cautious about letting go of control over how their work will look. However, they will have complete control over the final product if they are also responsible for content.

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