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Vissco Foot Drop Splint Large at Best Price. Ideal for peroneal nerve palsy. Supports foot alignment. Helps in normal walking. Foot drop splint made from durable material. Suitable for all... Read More

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer blood glucose test strips with 25. For highly accurate results Quick results in 5 seconds, No need to change strip codes. Provides test average. Suitable for... Read More

Buy Flamingo Cast Shoe L, M, S, XL at Low Price in India- Cureka

Buy flamingo cast shoe L, M, S, XL sizes. It is used in place of the normal shoe when a patient has a plaster cast on the foot. It Reduces... Read More

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Prevents wear and tear of the cast and also reduces impact on the injured leg. Hook and loop strapping feature ensures firm, secure and perfect fit. Facilitates stability and gives protection and... Read More

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Vissco heel cushion universal pair at low price on Cureka. Ideal for ankle, Heel pain, knee and feet pain. Comfortable for any shoe. Provides shock absorption. Reduces pressure on the... Read More

It can be used for conditions of bone, ligament injuries to the hand, arm, elbow, shoulder. For arm support it is required as a surgical or nonsurgical correction. Genuine products... Read More

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Vissco diabetic socks ₹351 Only at Cureka. Seamless designed diabetic socks. Made from soft yarns to reduce abrasions and risk of foot injury. Universal size.Diabetic socks made from long lasting... Read More

It's narrow width helps in effective bracing of the back and abdominal area. It can be used as a post and Pre pregnancy belt. Affordable price, unique products. Recommended by... Read More

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Vissco Bunion Splint 0729 Universal at ₹309 Only on Cureka. Used for painful bunions. Prevents the deformity of the big toe. Know more its uses, expert advice, reviews, etc.... Read More

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Vissco heel & elbow protector for ₹244 at Best Price on Cureka. Anatomically designed heel and elbow protector. Universal size in a long lasting material. Provides cushioning effects. Ideal to... Read More