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About Black Agate Meaning and healing properties

Agate is an assortment of crypto-crystalline quartz; Silicon Dioxide. Black Agate gemstones a typical term for an unmistakably joined sinewy chalcedony. It is regularly found as layers lining Geodes. There... Read More

Banded Agate Meaning and healing properties

Often called the "earth rainbow", Banded Agate gemstone is a healing stone for body-brain and soul. It can build focus, genuineness, and memory. United Agate likewise shields the wearer from mystic assault,... Read More

Jewelry pieces are expressive enough in their existence. The type of ornaments you carry has a major effect on your looks and dress up. Jewelry is a glaring expression of... Read More

Arizona Turquoise bracelets jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Turquoises are found in south-western region of the US in Arizona are known as Arizona Turquoise. These are also known as sleeping beauty turquoise. There is an interesting fact behind this... Read More

Arizona Turquoise bangles jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

The word Turquoise comes from the 17th century, when this gem is brought by trading routes from Persia through the Middle East towards Europe. In reference to its coming from... Read More

Arizona Turquoise rings jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Turquoise has played a crucial role in various civilizations and is widely used in jewellery making and adornment across the world. It is a unique gemstone which has a unique... Read More

Arizona Turquoise necklace jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Arizona Turquoise got its name from the place turkey and it is the official gemstone of the state Arizona. It is a popular gemstone and popularly used in jewellery. It is... Read More

Arizona Turquoise earrings jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Turquoise is attractive, unique and holds spiritual value. It also possesses physical and emotional healing properties. These gems are highly in demand across the world. You can bring it in... Read More

Arizona Turquoise pendants jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

The Turquoises originating in Arizona are world famous because of their unique colour. It is highly in demand. It is very precious and desired stone. There are various mines in... Read More

Arizona Turquoise cuffs jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

This is used in various creative ways in jewellery and in decorative items etc. For instance, this gemstone manufacturer in the Arizona manufactures tiles from the turquoise stone to be... Read More