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Guidelines for Hospitals Health Insurance Cashless Everywhere Admissible Claims: Hospitals must ensure that the claim adheres to policy terms and guidelines. Admissible claims are eligible for cashless settlement. Timely Communication: Hospitals should... Read More

3. Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Costs Outsourcing TPA functions can lead to improved cash flow. Efficient claims processing, timely reimbursements, and reduced administrative overhead contribute to financial stability. Additionally, outsourcing... Read More

5. Process Medi-Claims Faster TPA outsourcing providers specialize in claims processing. Their expertise and streamlined workflows lead to faster claim adjudication. This benefits both providers and patients by reducing claim cycle... Read More

8. Improved Efficiency Outsourcing TPA functions improve overall operational efficiency. Providers can focus on core healthcare services while relying on TPA experts to manage claims, authorizations, and other administrative tasks. 9. Reduced... Read More

OASIS Hospital Solutions stands out as the premier choice for TPA desk outsourcing, offering comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers. Their commitment to excellence, advanced technology... Read More

1. Reduce Administrative Duties Outsourcing TPA desk services allows healthcare providers to offload administrative tasks. By partnering with a specialized TPA provider, hospitals and clinics can streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and... Read More

Examples of hospitals excelling with Full NABH accreditation Hospital A: With full NABH accreditation, Hospital A reduced medication errors by 50% and witnessed a significant decline in hospital-acquired infections, establishing itself... Read More

What is Entry-Level NABH? Entry-level NABH accreditation is a streamlined version of the full NABH accreditation process. It is designed to cater to smaller healthcare facilities that may not have the... Read More

This groundbreaking system aims to revolutionize the way policyholders access medical treatment, making it more convenient, transparent, and hassle-free. What Is ‘Cashless Everywhere’? Under the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ system, health insurance policyholders... Read More

Faster Claim Settlement With the Cashless Everywhere system, claim settlements are expedited, ensuring that policyholders receive the necessary funds for their medical treatment in a timely manner. This eliminates the... Read More