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Bigvee – Drive on Bow Stopper

Bigvee – Drive on Bow Stopper

Submitted by • September 22, 2020

Gone are the days of using a narrow bow stop and being inconvenienced by its poor guiding ability. Today, instead of winching on to your boat trailer, you can drive on instead. This is made possible by the Bigvee drive on bow stopper. Its 375mm-wide V-shaped catch area catches your boat bow and guides it into the centre, even if you are driving in off-centre.

Bigvee enables you to land and position your boat bow safely and efficiently as you drive on, just like a true professional.

Bigvee is made with a solid galvanised steel frame and has a thick polyurethane coating.

Shop online today via the Bigvee website. Enquire by calling us at +61 417 228 878 or leaving us a message via the website’s contact form.

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