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Book Banning: Thomas Riggs And Company

Book Banning: Thomas Riggs And Company

Submitted by • July 10, 2013

The 11 distinguished members of our advisory board, headed by Michael Berenbaum, selected the writers featured in this collection. These entrants, about half of whom are living, represent a broad range of nationalities and have published in a variety of languages, though most of the works discussed in this guide are available in English. Of the writers, 130 are classified as western or eastern European, with French, German, and Polish being the most prevalent. The other nationalities with broad representation are American, with 63 writers, and Israeli, with 24. Nationality, however, can be misleading, especially in a community where displacement, isolation, and exile have been common. For example, Rachmil Bryks, a Polish-born author granted U.S. citizenship after the war, wrote not in Polish or English but in Yiddish.”

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