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Dynamic websites are powered with backend admin panel when frequent changes to website content are required. There are number of CMS platforms used to develop dynamic websites.
What are the CMS-based websites?
With a content management system (CMS), you can locate any individual piece of material on your website with efficiency and speed. Websites that require frequent content updates are built using a content management system (CMS). If you want to build a CMS based website for your business you can contact FutureGenApps a website designing company in Okhla having a team of website designing professionals and fully dedicated towards their work.

Some popular Websites using CMS platforms:
A content management system may contain a tool that is designed to help you create websites without any programming experience. Many websites use content management systems, such as:
1. Hubspot
2. WordPress
3. Joomla
4. Sitefinity
5. Kentico
6. Drupal

Features of a CMS
A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that enables you to manage and publish content on the website.
1. Secure and Stable
2. Fast, Flexible and Free
3. Excellent Support
4. Mobile Publishing
5. Friendly and Fully- Featured
6. Easily
7. A high-level customizability
8. Easy to publish new content

Why CMS?
• CMS codes generate the majority of W3C compatible content.
• URLs that are search engine friendly are supported.
• Simple to identify: Anyone may modify, add, or delete contents from the website using the Administrator section.
• Open Source versions of almost all widely used content management systems are available.
• It is simple to upgrade Content Management Systems from one model to another.

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