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Concrete batching plant cement silo

Concrete batching plant cement silo

Submitted by • March 29, 2019

Concrete batching plant cement silo working principle: cement silo is used to receive the bulk cement from the pneumatic conveying of the sealed tank car. The cement is transported to the batching bin through the pneumatic ash pump under the storage bin, and the dosing device is used to quantitatively feed to the lower part. Transport tape on the machine.
Concrete batching plant cement silo installation precautions:
1) The cement silo body should be leveled with the two bases of the equipment before installation on site. For the fulcrum with the same base body error, the fulcrum should be treated according to the highest point elevation. The ultimate goal is to ensure the center of the cement silo. The vertical position of the center axis shall not be inclined.
2) The cement silo body is provided with a process bracket at the time of delivery, and should be removed before installation. 3) The parts that can be assembled when the cement silo body is placed horizontally should be assembl

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