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Emergency Department of a hospital

Submitted by • August 23, 2018

1.You are a nurse working in the Emergency Department of a hospital. You are asked to admit a patient who came in with chest pain. When you arrive to assess the patient you find them unresponsive.

a. Please analyze the rhythm (below).

R-R, Regular or Irregular (.1 pt.) Irregular Rate: (.1 pt.) Not discernible
PR interval: (.1 pt.) N/A QRS: (.1 pt.) N/A
QT: (.1 pt.) N/A Rhythm: (.3 pt.) Rapid, unorganized, not discernable

b. What is the necessary immediate intervention? (.1 point)
Start CPR/ACLS, call a Code Blue, defibrillate ASAp and start IV and hang NS, Notify MD
c. What are two typical precipitating factors that occur with this rhythm? (.1 pt.)
i. _______AMI______________
ii. _________Myocardial Ischemia____________

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