Everything You Need To Know About Interventional Radiology

What is Interventional Radiology?

In interventional radiology, medical imaging techniques are used to guide doctors, to diagnose and treat certain problems with blood vessels and lymph vessels throughout the body.Thus, it is popularly called image guided therapy.

Who Does Interventional Radiology (IR) Procedures?

Interventional radiologists are medical doctors, who go through specialized training in anatomy and image guidance, after their medical school. Dr. Jathin treats patients who have lymphatic system and vascular (or circulatory) system disorders. These disorders can be present at birth or acquired after birth. These disorders are diagnosed and treated with specialized equipment and precise imaging. Dr. Jathin is a well qualified, trained & experienced in interventional radiology, that makes him the best interventional radiologist in Mumbai.

Why Interventional Radiology?

The interventional radiology treatment has its own benefits like reduced cost, less recovery time, minimum pain and low risk, as compared to the traditional open surgery. With the help of interventional radiology, many types of medical conditions can be treated, they are as follows:
● Repair or unblocking of blood vessels, i.e. angioplasty.
● Thrombolysis for dissolving blood clots.
● Embolization helps to block blood flow to cancer cells.
● Radiofrequency ablation is used to reduce nerve pain.
● Stenting for small mesh tubes that treat narrow or weak arteries.
● Biopsies for studies of tissues.

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