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Explore Maldivian Cuisine & More!

Explore Maldivian Cuisine & More!

Submitted by • March 6, 2020

The traditional Maldivian cuisine known as, Dhivehi, captivates those seeking a delicious meal with a marvelous variety of tastes, aromas and flavours. Right from crunchy snacks and street foods accompanied by wood-fired chapati breads to appetizing spicy curries like Banbukeylu harissa, the local Maldivian cuisineis known for its unique tropicalflavour.

The local cuisine of Maldives owes its specialty to the rich assemblage of traditional tastes, influenced majorly by India and Sri Lanka. As the demand of Maldivian local cuisine by the increasing international tourist influx heightened; the cuisine developed its distinctive blend of unique flavours.

In recent days, the traditional Maldivian cuisine takes pride in its culinary identity with its simple, yet chief ingredients- coconuts, fish, starch-containing grains and vegetables.

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