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Features Of Voting Pads

Features Of Voting Pads

Submitted by • January 16, 2019

Features of assessment through voting pads
• Prompt – The responses with the help of voting pads can be retrieved and compiled remarkably quick and accurate. This helps the trainer to reveal the results in a time-saving manner.
• Accurate – The voting pads are specialized electronic setup inheriting the most of the features of a contemporary computer system. Thus, the responses retrieved are as accurate as a computer system.
• Wireless – The advancement in technology has given birth to more and more advance voting devices which are equipped with wireless connectivity. This provides clutter-free connectivity of all the devices at a time to the server computer system.
• Intuitive – The voting software having a smooth and easy interface makes the usage of such a voting system more convenient for most of the trainers. A very nominal first hands-on is required to get acquainted with the operating system.

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