Green Lam Laminates – The ideal surfacing solutions/best laminates in bangalore

Green Lam Laminates – The ideal surfacing solutions. Greenlam is the top laminate company in India where passion meets excellence, creating hallmarks of quality and elegance. Greenlam offers Best-in-class laminate sheets in innumerable textures, colours and designs.

Our laminate sheets come with several distinct properties such as:

fire retardant
Scratch and impact resistance and lots of more attributes make them a cut above the remainder.
Different Properties for Different Needs!

Anti Bacterial Greenlam is one of the top laminates companies in India. It offers antibacterial laminates manufactured using antimicrobial agents used in many cosmetics. Our antibacterial range is US-EPA approved, makes it ideal for laboratories, chemistry labs, hospitals, and other spaces susceptible to microbial growth.
Fire Retardant Available in magnificent colours and designs, the fire retardant decorative laminates are ideal for places prone to fire, such as kitchens, school labs or hospitals. The range uses a fire retardant chemical that is halogen-free, eliminating any risk of toxic smoke. Enhance the Beauty your interior decor without compromising on safety.
Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates The best option for areas with a high risk of electrostatic interference is Greenlam electrostatic dissipative laminates. The range helps in draining out-static charge, and thus, is an ideal option for laboratories, hospitals, server rooms and other similar facilities.
Why Greenlam?

It takes world-class products to be the highest laminate company in India. Here are a couple of things that make us stand out:

Sustainable Manufacturing Process Greenlam laminates undergo manufacturing through an eco-friendly process that minimizes the harmful impact of production on the surrounding habitat. We, at Greenlam, have a Green Strategy Group that works towards creating, implementing and monitoring ‘green initiatives, and therefore the result environmentally-conscious business proces