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Health and Safety training on teesside

Health and Safety training on teesside

Submitted by • December 11, 2019

Face Fit Testing is designed to protect workers from harmful chemicals and dust, which can account for up to 13,000 deaths each year. These deaths include work-related lung disease and cancer, which Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) has been designed to protect against.

However recent research indicates that up to 50% of all RPE does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed, meaning that people could be falling ill and dying for something as simple as not carrying out a face fit test. Protect this every body needed best health and safety training.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing can help to ensure that employees are able to work effectively in their masks, without taking unnecessary health risks. It also means that employers won’t have to face the prospect of expensive enforcement action being taken by the HSE if their workers masks don’t offer adequate protection.

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