There are three main types of indoor cycling trainers: stationary trainers, stationary bikes, and rollers. The simplest option is the roller. These are cylindrical drums that spin on a frame you place on the ground and allow you to balance your bike on it. Stationary trainers are frames that support your bike while you pedal. Stationary bikes can be used as a standalone unit that allows you to pedal without a bike.

While stationary and roller bikes are both great, they're better for certain groups of cyclists who prefer indoor riding. (more details below). For most cyclists, stationary trainers are the best choice. These trainers have the most feature options and the best prices. They are also much more compact than stationary bikes and require less learning than most rollers.

There are two types of stationary trainers: the basic model that offers resistance that can be adjusted manually and nothing else; and the smart trainers that connect to your bike's power meter and other sensors, as well as to online training programs and riding apps like Zwift, that can adjust resistance automatically. Smart trainers are more affordable than basic trainers, although they have seen a significant drop in cost.