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How to coordinate the relationship between BPM and SOA

How to coordinate the relationship between BPM and SOA

Submitted by • July 24, 2020

A good start for implementing BPMS is to "develop a simple and flexible integrated architecture, especially if the BPM application is used as a monitoring and coordination layer on top of existing processing applications," said Dennis Korevitski. Is the former director in charge of the supply chain system. If a service-oriented architecture or middleware layer already exists, the BPM platform can also balance its return on investment by quickly coordinating existing services into a new business process.

Sometimes BPM will push an organization to SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). "We will eventually achieve this goal, and BPM provides us with the possibility of opening up permissions to partners in a secure way," said Doug Schwinn, CIO of toy manufacturer Hasbro. If no SOA can be used, then many BPMS platforms provide toolboxes that can be integrated with the original system

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