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How to get Microsoft 365 for free in 2020

How to get Microsoft 365 for free in 2020

Submitted by • October 14, 2020

As one knows, Any Computer system such as a Desktop and Laptop can be useful only with the Microsoft Windows or Microsoft 365 as its system. Microsoft 365 has got lots of new exciting features for various User types.

For Family, Business, Enterprise, and Education, respective Microsoft 365 versions with features are available.

Let us discuss many ways to get Microsoft 365 in 2020 as below –

My Account login:
One needs to select the Office icon on the Machine (or select from Programs Menu)
One has to login with individual Microsoft Login id and password(if it is not available then needs to create one)
One can select any App to work and save the document on Google Drive or Dropbox.
By Preinstalled Office:
From the Programs menu, select and open any already installed Office software’s such as Excel, Word, or Power point.
Login to account, and then select the option of activating Microsoft 365.
You need to accept the Terms & Conditions and start using it.

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