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How to improve animal welfare in our society

How to improve animal welfare in our society

Submitted by • June 11, 2020

Lately we’ve been swamped with numerous incidents about animal cruelty, the elephant from Kerela, the cow from Himachal Pradesh, and the dog from Delhi or the Leopard from Assam. It literally makes us wonder, that what in the world is wrong with us humans?
Isn’t it up to as intelligent & sensitive beings to take care of those who do not have a voice? But look at us today!
How can we as sensible and educated members of our society bring about change for the animals around us?
Here are a few things you can do:
1. Create awareness
2. Raise your voice
3. Boycott animal entertainment
4. Feed the strays and wild
5. Adopt animals
And adopt only if you can keep them for a lifetime, because it is a lifetime commitment. You will have to invest your time, money, care and love just like you would do to raise a child.
We hope that you will keep these in mind and become responsible citizens.

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