How to Sell or Buy Used Children's Products

The buying and selling of used children’s items have been a growing trend amongst parents in recent years. With all the attention towards waste mitigation and recycling, the resale of used children’s clothes, toys and accessories is quickly becoming the norm. On the other end of the spectrum, the used kid’s items market is a great way for new parents who are on a budget to buy and provide for their children. Through this article, we will discuss the most effective ways to sell preloved children’s items and also offer a few key points that will help in buying the right types of used kid’s items for your child.

Selling Preloved Items

One sure shot way to declutter your home and reduce waste at the same time is selling on the used market. Children outgrow items quickly. Clothes, toys, school books, uniforms and stationery are some of the things that tend to pile up. The school items are a real issue because kids need new school books and uniforms every year. Recycling children’s clothes, toys and school items by selling them on the preloved market can also help in recovering some of your initial investment. If you are looking to sell items on the used market then follow these simple steps.

Categorize them by condition. Some items like used kid’s clothes and books can have several grades of quality for which you can demand variable prices. Used toys on the other hand get tricky. You can only really sell toys that are in good condition and are complete with no pieces missing. Funnily enough, used board games are unique in this case. Complete sets are desired but if you have an incomplete game, you can sell the pieces individually to people who are trying to complete their incomplete board games. You should consider donating the ‘fair’ quality items and bin anything that’s too damaged.

The next step is cataloguing and making the items presentable. Clean your old children’s clothes, shine any toys or action figures and take clear and legible pictures.

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