Is it necessary to clean solar panels? If yes, when and how you should do it?

Once you’ve installed a solar panel, it doesn’t mean that your task is finished. When you own a car, you take it for servicing and maintenance. As all of you know a well-oiled and serviced car runs better, similarly when you provide the same level of attention to your solar panels their efficiency increases.

When we can keep our car windows free of grime and clear, why not keep our solar panels crystal clean? You might wonder how often one should clean solar panels? Solar panel maintenance at home- is it doable?

In this blog post, we’re going to answer all of your questions related to how to follow an effective routine of solar panel maintenance. We’ll also cover all the requirements needed to clean solar panels and how to clean them. At the same time, we’ll cover various sources of dirt and when you’ll need professionals for cleaning them.

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