IUD Paragard Lawsuit: What the course of Litigation in 2022 Depicts

When the most trusted ParaGard IUDs, endanger women's lives, what they can do other than sue the negligent party. If affected, pursue an IUD ParaGard lawsuit. IUD ParaGard lawsuit is one of the emerging pharma lawsuits in 2022 in the U.S. Para Gard IUD is the intra uterine device used as a means of non-invasive contraceptive. The ParaGard IUD is different from other hormone-based IUDs and it has copper coiled around the stem and the arms. The copper interacts with the body and the chemicals produced as a result will prevent conception. Although considered a successful method, this IUD device has some flaws, such as device migration and device breakage issues. Many women began experiencing problems during use and removal due to organ perforation or device breakage inside the uterus.