We have come across a very long journey in the jewellery field, even our ancestors wore it. Women wear all kinds of jewellery to make them feel more attractive or simply just for their pleasure. Jewellery pieces are women's best friends, a connection between both denotes commitment. The best way to embrace personality. Women can always enhance their beauty by wearing different pieces of jewellery they like with any outfit for the day. A jewellery piece can always bring a certain charm to the personality. Today as we go about the history of Jhumkas popularly known as ‘Jhumki’ which has a ‘bell-shaped design and has maintained status throughout history in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as coveted earrings. The origin of this popular earring can be traced back to ancient temple statues from the Chola dynasty which makes them as old as 300s BCE. They were exclusively used for the Indian Traditional dance Bharatanatyam. The word jhumka instantly brings a picture of movement and fluidity. The name of this traditional bell-shaped earring is, after all, an onomatopoeia, meaning to reflect the distinctive jingle that its suspended beads and adornments make with every turn of the head.