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Maintenance of dripping feed powder machine

Maintenance of dripping feed powder machine

Submitted by • June 27, 2019

Maintenance of dripping feed powder machine
Maintenance of the drip feed powder machine: Hengfu feed machinery drip feed mill is mainly suitable for large-scale breeding enterprises. If the following situation occurs during normal use: the inspection is not carried out according to the instructions in the early stage; the machine is not cherished during the operation; the maintenance is not carried out in the later stage; the machine will be overloaded, resulting in malfunction and failure to operate, which will delay the production efficiency of the enterprise.
Hengfu feed machinery experts summarize several maintenance methods for you:
1, motor failure
The motor of the drip feed mill is the power output of the crusher. If there is a failure in this link, it will directly affect the production schedule. When the motor fails, check whether the voltage and compensator are stable; whether the wire or fuse has oxidation or breakage of the skin;

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