Marantz Repairing Service Center in Gurgaon

Today, it's very easy to possess a home sound system installed within the home because the value is not any longer a problem, thanks to the supply of home theatres at different competitive prices. Marantz Repairing Service Center in Gurgaon is one of the leading brands within the industry that provide singular combat to the visual effects of their recipients and residential theatre mavericks. If you want your full surround sound and your AV equipment to rule but do not want your living room, the Marantz NR1509 could also be a space-saving and fast option to choose. About half the height of ordinary models, this slimline finder can fit into a little solid space and still bring home a superb bass muffler. Marantz will meet you with the audio that touches your spine, and also full of the newest features – 4K compatibility, next-level wireless streaming features, and various control options.
Marantz NR1509 Specifications with Features
Power Processing: Dolby surround sound,5-channel amplifier, Dynamic EQ improves dialogue, High bass response, and low-level channel levels
Digital Streaming Options are: from a PC connected to a network built-in Wi-Fi to listen to music, free internet radio built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, and music services
Connections: Integrated video conversion, 3 in 1 out, 3 analog stereo audio input, preamp output for two enabled subwoofers, Prior front L / R effects for connecting to an external stereo power, USB front-panel port for audio playback from USB flash drives, digital audio input, 1 optical and 1 coaxial
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