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Maruti Raises Car Prices By Upto Rs 5250

Maruti Raises Car Prices By Upto Rs 5250

Submitted by • October 4, 2012

In order to shield itself from the heat of the dillydallying rupee value against the dollar, Maruti has raised the price of all its cars in India by upto Rs 5250. The rise has also been attributed to be the result of the rise in input costs. With this all Maruti cars starting from Maruti to the luxury sedan Maruti Kizashi have gone dearer by Rs 2500 to Rs 5250. Though this is a marginal increase and it is expected that it will not have any adverse effect on the sales of its cars in the country. Also, the festive season is ahead and at this time Maruti cars are sizzling hot in demand and car buyers do not consider such a small increase.

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