Technical Date:
Model: 1000W fiber laser cutting machine (Can be customized)
Plane cutting format (length*width) : 1500mm * 3000mm
Laser power: 1000-2000w
X-axis travel: 1500mm
Y-axis stroke: 3000mm
Y-axis positioning accuracy: 0.5mm/m
Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy: + 0.2mm/m
Maximum speed of y-axis: 2m / min
CNC system: Feibo system
Voltage: 220V / 380V
Dimension (L *W * H) : 3950*2800*1200mm
Our new design Fiber laser cutting machine is to mix the pump material into the fiber and couple the laser with a specific wavelength emitted by the semiconductor laser. Make the optical fiber produce laser. The photoelectric conversion rate is high, which can reach twice that of carbon dioxide. Moreover, it has advantages in cutting sheet metal, because the light emitted by the fiber laser has a wavelength of 1070 nm, so the absorption rate is higher. The selection of key parts with global quality assurance and more than ten years of experience in laser equipment make this machine a popular model in optical fiber laser cutting machine as soon as it goes on the market.

Portable fiber laser cutting machine
Main advantages:

(1) The fiber laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, with conversion efficiency of more than 30%. The low-power fiber laser does not need to be equipped with a water chiller and adopts air cooling, which can greatly save the power consumption during operation, save the operation cost and achieve the highest production efficiency;
fiber(2) When the laser operates, it only needs electric energy and does not need to produce additional gas of the laser, which has the lowest operation and maintenance cost;
(3) The fiber laser adopts semiconductor modularization and redundancy design. There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity and does not need start-up time. It has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance and high stability, and reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time, which is unmatched by traditional lasers;