Road survey company in Marathahalli. Highway surveys are a professional form of land survey usually undertaken by public authorities during the planning phases of a road project. Scondesign is known for providing Road Survey to the clients. we perform a Road survey in order to produce a digital terrain model of a property.This service is accomplished by our team of professionals. This service helps in evaluating various economical, feasible, dependable factors of the work. In addition to assessing how land is to be prepared until the road can be built, surveyors also help engineers map optimal routes. It involves grading (slopes), curves, and tunnel building and other features along the route. Before trying to decide the best route to position the highway, we need to understand the geographic limitations and the layout of a city. A review of highway construction during the construction process will ensure that progress is made as it should, and that the highway is built exactly where it should be. After completion of the highway, a survey of the same will be used to provide an accurate layout of roadways, infrastructure, storm water drainage systems, overhead wires, surrounding houses, and other landscape features. If you are interested pls contact us +91 8296698585