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Fever, as we all know, is an increase in body temperature. This is temporary for the most part and is the sign of an illness of some sort. Fevers are typically the sign of the body fighting an infection so it is actually a good thing. It usually comprises sweating, shivering, headaches, body aches, appetite loss and general weakness.

For most people, a fever of up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit is not a cause for concern. In little children and infants however it could signal an infection which needs to be taken seriously. Most fevers go away on their own or with basic over-the-counter medication although it’s probably better to see a doctor for a prescription. If however the fever is over 101F or has lasted for more than 3 days, it is imperative you consult a doctor. Here at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s General Medicine Department, we specialise in the management and treatment of all fevers including viral fevers. In addition, our vast resources and the collaboration between departments will ensure that people suffering from fever due to other causes will also be treated with speed.

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