Study abroad consultants

In 2002, RightPath was established with the sole purpose of facilitating the youth of the country to explore academic opportunities abroad, based on their personal academic qualifications and interests. The foundational element of RightPath is to provide the most authentic and dynamic consultancy to the students, so that they can secure their future, avoiding fraudulent mechanisms. We provide ease and accessibility throughout the process, ensuring career counselling, guidance for admission, visa, appeal and review assistance, and pre- and post-departure assistance among other services.

Catering to various levels of education, from under-graduate programs, to graduate and post-graduate ones, the company provides an honest pathway to the students, leading to true and lasting success in academic and professional circles, creating a sync between an individual’s academic and professional experiences and matching them with the academic programs being offered by various educational institutions is the forte of our team at RightPath. Universities all over the globe are at the tips of the students when applying through RightPath, since the company is in partnership with universities offering diverse programs and innovative pedagogical approaches.