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Worksheet for kids | Story Books for kids | Preschool franchise

Our interactive worksheets created by professional educators help track their progress easily, thus Purple Turtle provides different worksheets and storybooks which ignites curiosity in young minds. We offer pre-school franchise... Read More

Purple Turtle Stories | Inspiring stories for kids

Watch the best short cartoon story for kids about Purple Turtle and Biggy. Purple Turtle enjoying floating in lake and watching white fluffy clouds. He invited Biggy and... Read More

Learn with Fun | Purple Turtle | KG 1

Learning with fun is now possible with Purple Turtle. We provide the best Hindi online classes for KG 1 kids. The purpose is to engage the students in a better... Read More

Purple Turtle courses | KG 1 | Interactive Sessions

Purple Turtle makes it easy for the kids to go along with different lessons. Along with knowledge, our sessions are interactive which help kids to learn quickly. We also develop... Read More

Handbooks | Worksheets | Progress report of kids

With the help of handbooks and worksheets, Purple Turtle makes the lessons easy and friendly. We facilitate the parents to track the progress report of kids. They can check what... Read More