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Robert Naji Zacca | Management Research Papers

Robert Zacca teaches management as an assistant professor at Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia. He previously worked as an assistant professor at the University of the United Arab Emirates. He... Read More

With a Doctorate in engineering, an MSc in simulation, and a BSc, Dr. Mohammed Kafaji has 25 years of expertise in teaching, research, and consulting, which she has acquired... Read More

Mario Ferrer, managing director of ILCG and chair of the department of operations and project management at Alfaisal University, holds a B.Sc. in industrial engineering, a GradCertM, a DipM, an... Read More

I played a key role in the creation and implementation of the Team-Based Learning teaching technique. As the curriculum committee decided to implement TBL, I started working at Alfaisal University... Read More

The Counseling and Skills Development Unit (CSDU) is dedicated to fostering a friendly environment at Alfaisal University that is supportive of students' psychological health, personal development, and well-being. The CSDU... Read More

IRB Process | Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University's IRB procedure strives to safeguard the rights and best interests of research participants who are being employed as human subjects. IRB, an organization made up of faculty and... Read More

Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs

The interdisciplinary Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP) bridge the gap between high school and university by imparting information and skills in a variety of developing topics in a stimulating and... Read More

Best Graduate school in Saudi Arabia | Alfaisal

Students at Alfaisal are enrolled in one of the five colleges offered by the university: Business, Engineering, Medical, Science, and Pharmacy. Graduate degrees in business, engineering, nanoscience, biomedicine, and health... Read More

Alfaisal University Core Laboratories & Research Infrastructure

We aim to further the country's economic development through our mission to offer research assistance, training, collaboration, and services with cutting-edge facilities and technical know-how. The Core Laboratories and Research... Read More

Joint Smart Grid & Electric Vehicles Research & Development Centre (JSEC)

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, and the College of Engineering of Alfaisal University have partnered to create the Joint Smart Grids & Electric Vehicles Research & Development... Read More