The Treasure Hunt for Novel Biomarkers and Rise of TMB

Over the years, several cancer-related biomarkers have been identified, which can be used to predict response to certain types of immunotherapy drugs. However, due to the inherent complexity of the immune microenvironment and differences in the genomic makeup of individual patients, most of these biomarkers have been proven to be insufficient in predicting how a patient is likely to respond to certain therapy types.

In order to address the aforementioned concern, researchers have shifted their focus to exploring novel biomarkers, and assessing their potential in predicting response to various types of drugs/therapies. One such biomarker that has gained a lot of traction in recent years is Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB).

What is TMB: TMB is a quantitative biomarker that reflects the total number of somatic mutations per megabase (Mb) of DNA. There are a number of factors that cause these mutations, including errors in DNA replication machinery, defects in the DNA repair process, enzymatic modification of DNA and exogenous exposures.

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