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There Is Evidence That There Are Three Main Personality

Submitted by • October 12, 2018

There is evidence that there are three main personality types in childhood and the VirtualChild's behavior beginning at age 3 and 4 is designed to resemble one of these personalitytypes. The personality types combine some of the temperamental traits with which youare already familiar. The overcontrolled category refers to a child who is cooperative, andfollows the rules, but is shy in social situations and anxious and clingy under pressure.The undercontrolled category refers to a child who is uncooperative or even aggressive,does not follow the rules, is not particularly shy in social situations, and has a tendency tobecome distracted and overly emotional, particularly when under stress. The resilientcategory refers to a child who is cooperative and follows the rules, is friendly, nonaggressive and outgoing, is able to focus on tasks without being too distracted, has goodregulation of his or her emotions, and is adaptable to new situationsVivian

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