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Top 3 Exercises To Build Mass

Top 3 Exercises To Build Mass

Submitted by • August 19, 2020

Top 3 exercises to help you get the body you always dreamed of! Here you will find the three best and incredible muscle building exercises out there!

1. Deadlift
In my professional opinion, the overall best exercise to build mass has to be the deadlift. Heck, deadlifting is actually my overall favorite exercise to do. If I had to choose one exercise to do for the rest of my life it would be 100% deadlifting.​​
Deadlifting is an excellent full-body exercise that makes your body work from head to toe. It trains your traps, back, lower back, quads, hips, glutes, hams, forearms and even your grip.

2. Squat
​Squatting is a close second in this list. I can say as a fact that it is near impossible to get big leg muscles without squatting! Squats are amazing muscle builders and mass gainers. At first, you might think squatting is just a leg exercise but that cant be further from the truth. Really while you squat you work your entire body....

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