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vegan food for fat loss

vegan food for fat loss

Submitted by • April 23, 2020

I'm a vegetarian what can I eat you know I hear it all the time people assume that the plant paradox is not for them because they don't eat meat now.
There are so many vegetarian or vegan-friendly option, in fact, I eat vegetarian diet myself, but I don't fill up on grains, and I don't get my protein from soy more ofter instead I rely on five super vegetarian foods that are planted paradox approved and delicious-
The first one is an avocado, and it's one of my favourite foods, in fact, I ate avocado just about every day, in fact, it's the one fruit you don't have to eat in moderation
It’s got barely any sugar and the perfect blend of healthy fats and soluble fibre to keep your gut bugs happy and with almost as much protein as egg avocados do a great job keeping you full
That’s why I tell my friends and website clients to start each day with a whole avocado.

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