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What are some of the best investment strategies?

What are some of the best investment strategies?

Submitted by • June 7, 2020

Having the right strategy for investment is extremely important if you are looking to stay in the long run. Playing the stock market without a strategy is often thought among investors as a deadly move, as it can result in catastrophic losses with huge repercussions. One needs to have a strategy in mind always, even if it’s a wrong one since your strategy improves over time.

We at William O’ Neil believe that there are 3 basic steps that come handy when taking new positions:
Step 1: Proper Fundamental Analysis of Stocks
Step 2: Consider Market Direction
Step 3: Reaping optimal returns
The right time to buy any quality stock would be when it breaks out from a sound base pattern such as cup-with-handle, double bottom, or a flat base. On the day a stock breaks out, the trading volume should increase at least 50% above its 50-day average volume.

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