Free Fire Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming Bio

"Ajju Bhai 94 Free Fire Id is 451012596 and his kind of revenue comes from a YouTube channel from where he posts content consistently.
Ajju bhai 94 kicked off making content more than one and a 0.5 years agone. the essential video on his channel traces all the way back to Dec 2018. From that point forward, he has grown-up limitlessly and has transferred a total of 954 recordings on his YouTube channel. He brags a gigantic supporter count fourteen.3 million and has one.745 billion perspectives joined.
Out and out, Ajjubhai has fought 9302 group games and won in 2414 of them for a hit extent of twenty five.95%. He has scored up 34138 kills at a K/D extent of four.96 and conveyed 1536 customary harm for each match."